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There once was a group of warriors so ruthless that even the mightiest of gods feared them. Troubled by their insatiable bloodlust, the gods chose to imprison the warriors in a mountain of ice for hundreds of years. The time has come that these warriors are free from their prison. They have given up battlefields and axes, and now you will find them on the track with eight wheels of fury as their weapon. After being imprisoned for so long, they have been instilled with a terrible and frightening rage. They seek vengeance and they will find it on the track. This is Berzerkher rage, they are Berzerkhers!

Tough as (well-manicured) nails, Sliceys are a cut above. Facing these girls on the track can be Scary, Baby, so don’t be all Posh and do it Gingerly—you gotta be Sporty! Not all girls are cut out for this girl gang; you must love switchblades, Girl Power, and cutting through the pack like a hot knife through butter. Any way you slice it, these girls are out for blood, bruises…or both! Taking the world by storm, this girl gang will Slice Up Your Life whether you like it or not. Zig-a-zig-ah!

Ref Crew

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