But Wait!... There's more!

After an exciting and successful season, E-Ville members are ready to take a break in the off-season.

... Almost...

There will be no break until after the Slice Girls and Berzerkhers face-off one last time this year for the championship in the Gage Cup!

Both teams have fought hard all season to earn a chance to play. They have grown their teams, having both picked up new members, meaning this will be the first Gage Cup experience for a number of players.

Gage Cup poster girl Kat Von Doom started roller derby with E-Ville less than a year ago and this will be her first Gage Cup.

“This has been such an exciting year from starting roller derby to being drafted to the Slice Girls. I can’t wait to play one more match with my team before the end of the year, we are coming off a streak and I know it will be a great match-up.”

Magic Wanda is no rookie; this Berzerkher poster girl is feeling positive going into this final game.

“The Berzerkhers are coming into the Gage Cup as the underdogs, but we’ve been working really hard over this season as a team and will be proud of ourselves no matter who wins!”

Both teams have won in their two match-ups this year, meaning this will definitely be a fierce bout that could go either way. It is important to note the Gage Cup is about more than just roller derby, there will also be a silent auction raising money for the Stollery Children's Hospital!

Get your tickets for the Gage Cup on November 4, 2017 and watch the Slice Girls take on the Berzerkhers for the championship! For more information and to purchase tickets CLICK HERE >>.

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