E-Ville Dead Make The WFTDA Playoffs

The annual announcement of teams that will compete at the Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby Association (WFTDA) playoffs is like derby Christmas.

And when our E-Ville Dead opened up their inbox just two days before the announcement last week, they discovered their very own derby miracle.

We’re proud to announce that the Dead will be travelling to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for division 2 playoffs from Aug. 18-20.

When our travel ‘A’ squad started their season way back in January, they hoped to have a strong debut in their first full year as a WFTDA member and to end the season with a respectable spot in the international ranking system.

After kicking butt at two tournaments, they’ve surpassed their own expectations.

The Dead are just one of four Canadian teams who made the playoff cut this year, and we’re so excited for our buddies, the Calgary Roller Derby All Stars, who will be playing in a division one tournament in Malmo, Sweden.

After getting the news, the Dead all called their moms because they’re going to be on TV! Well, WFTDA TV, anyway. Fans keen to tune in to catch the Dead’s debut playoff performance will be able to stream the games live from WFTDA.tv.

Even though the playoff invite surprise was SO welcome, it’s left the Dead with just a few weeks to fundraise. Pittsburgh will be the third international trip for the team this season, so please keep an eye out for ways you can support the Dead’s playoff run. Look for details about chipping in on social media and at the upcoming Slice Girls versus Berzerkhers game at the Edmonton Sports Dome on July 29.

Support the Dead through the gofundme:

Bring bottles to the July 29th game, tickets here:

Garage Sale Fundraiser, Aug 5 and 6:

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