Edmonton Summer Skate Crew: Rip Kurl

Summer has arrived in Edmonton, this means we are spending as much time outdoors skating as we possibly can. During our dry summer months we spend time at skate parks around the city, and this year the City of Edmonton is throwing down funds at 4 our favourite parks for some much needed upgrades! Today we meet Rip Kurl who happens to favour the Mill Woods skate park located just behind J Percy Page high school off 23ave and Mill Woods road. The Mill Woods skate park is slated to reopen July 1, 2017 and we are eager to see the improvements.

Skater Name and Number: Rip Kurl #180

Team: Las Pistolitas and E-ville Dead

How long have you been playing derby? 4.83 years

What made you start derby? Watching a live game in Victoria

What is your favourite skate park? Mill Woods (in Edmonton). Otherwise Venice Beach

Describe your favourite trick: Ninja air

Describe the current trick you are trying to nail: Fakie 360

Video of Rip Kurl in action: CLICK HERE >>

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