Derby Girl Day Jobs: Magic Wanda

True Story! We all have jobs. We spend hours every week on the track, but that doesn't compare to what we do during the day to pay for all our living expenses! Meet a few of our skaters this month and find out how we pay our bills!

Skater Name: Magic Wanda #41

Team: Berzerkhers and Living Dead

How long have you been playing roller derby? I’ve been playing since October 2011, so over five and a half years! I started the year I turned 30.

What made you start derby? My family moved to Edmonton from a small town in August 2011. My man got us tickets to a couple derby games because it sounded like a fun sport to watch. With his encouragement (read: loving kick in the ass) I bought all my gear and started practices two days after I watched my second game!

What is your day job? I’m the warehouse and shipping manager for Transcend Coffee, a local coffee roasting and cafe business. I started out working in one of Transcend’s cafes in 2011, and then transitioned to my current position in April of 2012. I actually credit derby with giving me more self-confidence to take on a job where I’m in charge of all incoming and outgoing shipments, as well as customer service, accounts receivable, and a million other things. If you’d asked me before I joined derby where I’d be now, there’s no way I would have been able to guess. I love my job!

How do you balance work life, home life and derby life? I’m lucky to have a 9am-5pm Monday to Friday job, so getting to practices and games isn’t an issue. A few of my coworkers have even come to see some of my games! At home, I have an extremely supportive partner and two teenagers who are also roller derby girls. I love seeing my kids gaining self-esteem and independence from derby! In terms of balance, I try to keep up with other friends and hobbies as well so I don’t just eat, sleep, and breathe derby, but I do hope that derby will be a part of my life for years to come.

Want to see MAGIC WANDA busting it up on the track this month? Get your tickets for our June 24, 2017 bout and watch the Las Pistolitas take on the Berzerkhers! For more information and to purchase tickets CLICK HERE >>.

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