Today, WFTDA announced that they have just extended full membership to fourteen leagues, including E-Ville Roller Derby!! We are officially no longer an apprentice league, meaning that our travel team, The E-Ville Dead, can now play official WFTDA-sanctioned matches and take part in tons of new tournaments. A giant thank-you to everyone who made this happen - especially the dedicated E-Ville skaters who worked around the clock to ensure that all of the necessary paperwork was properly completed and submitted. We couldn't have done this without you!

Make sure to come check out our first ever official WFTDA-sanctioned bout on May 14, when the E-Ville Dead takes on Mainland Misfits' Anarchy Angels all the way from Vancouver!

The WFTDA's official announcement can be found online here. Fun fact: we are in the same batch of new members as the first league from the entire continent of Africa to achieve full membership status: C-Max Roller Derby from Johannesburg, South Africa! Congratulations to them and all of the other teams that received this fantastic news!!

#WFTDA #evilledead #eville

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