Blog of the Dead by Dame of Doom (E-Ville Dead Coach)

The E-Ville Dead is E-Ville’s travel or “All Star” team and is made up of players

The Dead practices together once a week, working on skill, strength, strategy and speed just to name a few things. The team also meets regularly to continue talking about strategy, goals, fitness, nutrition and other important aspects of an athelete’s life. The Dead is hungry to keep learning and do so by watching footage, attending games, reading, networking, going to boot camps, talking to refs, and just generally searching for knowledge. There is a lot of dedication and commitment required to be on the team and Dead players hold each other accountable to their team and themselves.

A very exciting announcement was just made for E-Ville, and specifically the Dead in January of this year. E-Ville has been accepted in to the WFTDA Apprentice program which means that the league is on it’s way to becoming a full WFTDA member. It’s not all about competition though! The Dead likes to blow off some steam and have a good time too! You can often find them out and about at community events as well as out and about on the town. If you keep an eye out, you might catch them training at a gym around the city, entering in runs (the Zombie run or Spartan Race for example), working at BeerFests, other leagues’ games, parades and all kinds of other local events.


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