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Get to know the FRESH MEAT: Melissa

Melissa is one of many eager new skaters who took part in our Fresh Meat camp over July and August.

She is a full-time student, grew up playing hockey, and is happy to have a found a new place to

experience a team atmosphere with the thrill of competitive sport.

Having never seen or heard of roller derby prior to this summer, Melissa saw many of our league

members participating in this year’s Pride Parade “looking like total rockstars” and couldn’t help but

search out information about our league. This led her to our Fresh Meat information night and

inevitably to signing up for the program.

As one of the coaches this summer, I can tell you Melissa picked up skills quite quickly (likely due to her skating background). Her favourite drills are the ones that can be modified to be made more

challenging, “[…] something you can try to push it to the next level if you are ready. That really keeps every drill fresh and exciting”.

“Learning all of the rules and applying the skills we learned into real game type scenarios has really increased how challenging it is. But not scary challenging. Challenging in a really awesome push yourself kind of way that lets you see yourself improve every practice.”

Melissa is excited to keep learning, and to be drafted onto one of our three house teams this December. To someone who has considered joining in the past, Melissa says “Anyone who’s ever considered trying Derby should just take the plunge and try it. I don’t think that they would be


Keep your eye out for Melissa on the track later this season!

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