October Skater of the Month: Disgrace Kelly

An integral part of her team on both the Slice Girls and the Living Dead, Disgrace Kelly is an aggressive jammer, blocker, and a great team player.

1. What attracted you to the sport of Roller Derby and what keeps you going?

I mainly joined Roller Derby because my partner wanted to join, and wanted me to do it with her. I was apprehensive to start, but her encouragement got me interested, and I fell in love instantly. It is the welcoming environment of the league that keeps me going, as well as the sense of accomplishment I get as my skills continue to improve. It also keeps me active and healthy, and is a great excuse to spend more time with my partner.

2. How did you come up with your derby name?

All of my original choices were too filthy, so I came up with it at 3am one night while I was panicking over having not picked a name yet. I'm a huge film fan, and like the classy trashiness that my name evokes.

3. How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Pool noodle legs.

4. Who is your nemesis on the track?

I love everyone, but I anyone who has taken a hit from my bony shoulders might feel differently.

5. Do you have any pre-game rituals?

A giant sandwich and my weight in coffee.

6. If Hollywood made a movie about your life, who would play you in the lead role?

Cameron Esposito

7. If you could have any super power what would it be?

Unending stamina.

8. What is your spirit animal?


9. How has Roller Derby Saved your soul?

Roller Derby has provided me with a community where I feel like I can truly be myself, perhaps for the first time in my entire life. It's really exciting to be a part of something where I don't have to worry about my differences othering me, or being a point of contention. Everyone is so accepting, and there is no question as to whether or not I belong. I have never felt out of place, and Roller Derby has made me feel valued since day one. The wonderful skaters, coaches, and refs of E-Ville Roller Derby have always welcomed me. Roller derby was there right when I needed it, and it is hard to imagine not being a part of the community at this point.

10. What do you do when you are not playing Roller Derby?

I'm a professional student, amateur writer/comic artist, and I love cooking and watching trashy movies with my gal pal.

11. Who is your Derby Hero/Role Model?


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