E-Ville Events Code of Conduct

Adapted from the WFTDA Tournaments Code of Conduct, May 15, 2018

General Conduct

E-Ville Roller Derby (EVRD), as a part of The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA), strives to provide a safe and satisfying event for everyone in attendance. As such, it is necessary to abide by the following rules:

  • Do not bring in prohibited items such as weapons, non-service animals, balloons, megaphones, laser pointers or other items deemed inappropriate, harmful or hazardous by event staff.

  • Do not bring in banners or signs that obstruct the view of guests, obscure sponsor, advertising, contain objectionable subject matter or are commercial in nature.

  • Do not attempt to enter areas that you are not authorized to enter.

  • Do not use alcohol or drugs (laws permitting) irresponsibly.

  • Dress appropriately (no clothing with slurs or that suggests or condones harassment, discrimination, or abuse).

  • Do not damage, destroy or vandalize property.

  • No smoking, except in designated areas (located outside of the arena).

  • No professional video cameras, still photography or audio recorders without proper prior authorization.

Failure to follow the above may result in being removed from the event or being denied entry by E-Ville volunteers or venue security.

Our Commitment to an Abuse-Free Derby Community

EVRD, as a part of WFTDA, is committed to hosting events free of harassment, discrimination and abuse—where all people are treated with respect, dignity and fairness. As such, we expect all members working at or participating in a EVRD event to abide by the following.

Everyone is entitled to an environment without:

  • Intimidation or threatse.g. suggesting malicious repercussions to force another person to do something

  • Threatening gestures or intentionally damaging someone else's property

  • Physical assault of any type, e.g. shoving, tripping or using physical force on someone or unwarranted physical contact

  • Unwanted sexual attention or contact, e.g. sexually suggestive comments, innuendos or non-consensual touching

  • Unwanted photography or video recording, e.g. recording someone without their knowledge or after they’ve asked you to stop

  • Bullying, e.g. using abusive or insulting language or spreading rumours 

  • Stalking, e.g. repeated and unwanted communications or gifts, following someone throughout the event

If you witness or experience any of the above, you can report it immediately or at any point to an EVRD volunteer (general volunteers in green, security in reflective vests). You can also email the EVRD Board of Directors (BOD) Chair at ​chair.eville@gmail.com​ after the event or for issues involving an EVRD Event volunteer staff. EVRD is committed to taking any report of harassment, bullying or discrimination seriously.

If you are asked to stop any behavior in connection with the above, do so IMMEDIATELY. If you disagree with being asked to stop doing something, you may bring it up with EVRD games floor manager (can ask to be directed to them) after stopping, or email the BOD at

the above email after the event. DO NOT CONTINUE THE BEHAVIOUR.

Failure to adhere to the above may result in ejection from current, any or all future EVRD events depending on the severity, persistence or unwillingness to cease said behaviour.

Creating an Inclusive Environment

In order to create a better environment for all people, particularly those belonging to marginalized groups, EVRD, as a part of WFTDA, is committed to ensuring that all voices are heard and all interactions are respectful. As such, all participants, volunteers and attendees

are required to make a good faith effort to do the following:

  • Communicate openly

  • Approach situations with an open mind

  • Believe people when they share their experiences

  • Accept that others’ lives and histories are different from yours

  • Accept that others’ boundaries (emotional, physical, etc.) may be different from yours

  • Stay mindful of how much space you take up (body and voice)

  • Be accountable for your actions

  • Exercise good judgment

EVRD understands that given the diversity of our community, it is challenging to always be able to determine when your actions encroach on others. As such, it is important to stop behaviour when asked, think critically about your behaviour and make amends when needed and appropriate.

Failure to act in good faith or make amends when necessary, as well as severe breaches of the above may result in, including but not limited to, warnings, removal from the current EVRD event and removal from future EVRD events. It may also result in a formal investigation and follow-up outside of the EVRD event.

Adapted from © 2018 Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) WFTDA Tournaments Code of Conduct

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